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In the Fast-Changing World of B2B Technology Marketing, Rapid Execution with the Best Content Marketing Wins Business

Technology products and services evolve quickly as developers respond to continual sales pressure and industry disruption. Product lifecycles tend to be short, and technology companies rely on quick-turn marketing to stay ahead of competitors. This makes marketing technology companies exciting and challenging.

Content marketing is a cornerstone of the most successful strategies implemented by B2B technology marketing agencies on behalf of their tech clients. The best technology marketing firms have content creators who can produce specific, in-depth and enticing content to attract a highly tech-savvy audience. At Elevation Marketing, our agency provides our clients with the creativity of some of the most skilled technology marketing communicators in the industry—people who know how to effectively deliver precise content. We understand your innovative products, services and solutions, and the market dynamics at play in your industry. We know how to get results.

In B2B technology content marketing, your audience could be a highly technical buyer who is inundated with hundreds of spec-rich messages daily, or someone completely unfamiliar with cutting-edge technology who just wants to implement a solution to a business challenge. B2B technology marketing agencies must create content appropriate for both to promote buy-in from all stakeholders. Targeted, clearly written, understandable and incisive content is a key part of the technology marketing mix.

As a leading B2B technology marketing agency, we use our proven, research-driven approach to help clients develop campaigns that align the right content with the right audience and channel at the right place in the buyer’s journey. Our technology lead generation toolkit includes explanatory content to demystify complex product features and solutions, as well as content that answers readers’ general questions about a product or service category.


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We approach software marketing from a research-first, data-driven perspective. We want to know your market, your customers’ pain points and preferences, and where your competitors stand. We want to know the business challenges your software addresses and why your product is better than your competitors’ products. We’ll find your competitive advantage and run with it.


Again, research comes first, and customers need to trust in your expertise. Why should a customer choose your engineers vs. others? When creating a marketing strategy for an engineering firm, our content and tactics are firmly rooted in a deep understanding of the end customer’s needs and desired business outcomes, and emphasize precision and peace of mind.

Fintech (Financial Technology)

In fintech, vast amounts of client money are on the line, and companies are often taking traditional products and services in disruptive new directions facilitated by cutting-edge technologies, such as virtual banking and money transfer over blockchain platforms. A primary objective of our fintech marketing strategy is to build trust and confidence with end customers. A thoughtful content marketing strategy that educates audiences on the benefits, safety and added value of fintech offerings is key to a successful campaign.


Whenever people’s health is involved, extra caution needs to be taken. In biotech marketing, we are careful to tell the story of a promising technology in an exciting yet truthful way, without extra hype that could be construed as false advertising.


IT marketing firms usually emphasize the expertise of their client’s technology, engineering or consultancy services. While this is certainly important, it is just as crucial to market quantifiable improvements operating costs, time to market, workforce efficiency and other metrics central to running a profitable business. Our IT lead generation campaigns highlight the positive impact a  product or service has on a company’s bottom line to foster lasting customer relationships and sustainable business development.

At the end of the day, technology marketing needs to be as fast and effective as our clients’ innovative products and services. At Elevation Marketing, we have the expertise, proven processes and multidisciplinary team to market your company successfully and ensure you get the results you expect from your marketing investment. Our marketing agency offers:

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Website Design
  • Digital (SEO/PPC/Social Media)
  • Product and Services Launches
  • Design
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Channel Marketing
  • Applicaiton Development
  • Events
  • Lead Generation
  • Case Studies

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