Writing, Editing & Engaging Storylines

The Challenge

Equinix relies heavily on email to generate and nurture sales leads. Recently, the quality of those emails had degraded significantly — they were inconsistent in style and tone and did not relate to the overall campaign themes. After an agency search, Equinix engaged Elevation Marketing to address these challenges.

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Our Approach

To create the email content, Elevation designated and trained a core team of writers to be allocated as needed. This flexible approach allows for adjusting staffing levels to meet the client’s needs in a cost-effective way. An editorial director and dedicated copy editor work together to ensure all content complies with Equinix corporate messaging, voice, tone standards and brand guidelines.

Elevation also developed a corporate style guide to help propagate editorial best practices to other groups at Equinix. Now, as a trusted strategic long-term partner, Elevation continues to ensure that Equinix content for email, collateral and other marketing assets is consistent, compelling and relevant to campaign objectives.

The Results

Elevation improved the editorial consistency and brand compliance for email content across Equinix worldwide. Creative, relevant campaign themes focus and energize Equinix’s internal team and are starting to increase click rates.

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