Insights to Maximize Opportunities from your Media Spend

There was a time when media strategy was based on a simple reach, time and frequency equation.

Those days are long gone. Today, the sheer number and types of media outlets are too long and varied, audiences are too segmented and attention spans are too short for a shotgun approach to be effective. With factors such as targeting, channel selection and budget allocation further complicating matters, you need a laser scalpel for this vital operation.

Elevation Marketing takes a surgical, data-driven approach to media and message placement. As a B2B media research agency, we have the institutional expertise and processes in place to precisely identify your target audience. We apply analytics-based B2B media research strategies such as Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) to optimize your media spend on the prospects most likely to buy in the channels they use most often. MMM employs historical performance measurement tools to extract key data to quantify the impact of channel selection on sales or market share and tell us precisely how much to spend on each input to maximize ROI.

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Data Digs Deeper: how we unearth insights.

We start with a comprehensive deep dive into your target market and decision-maker profiles. Our media researchers examine audience purchase motivations and applications for your product or service. We systematically learn and document ideal buyer priorities along with how and where they’re searching for solutions like yours.

Matching buyer behaviors to the media channels and outlets that get you the most bang for your marketing buck lets us tell your story directly to your audience using a data-optimized mix of traditional and digital media. We align your target with the proper channel using several techniques:

Primary and secondary research.

We examine where buyers are spending their time and why they are there. We match the content-advertising-brand experience with the anticipated behavior and stage in a buyer’s journey. For example, if your audience views the Harvard Business Review as a trusted source for industry trends, we’ll support it with brand awareness and thought-leadership content, and let other channels do the heavy lifting on lead generation.

Competitive intelligence.

What do your competitors know that you don’t? Where are they spending their money? How do we out-maneuver them by channel, creative and messaging? The answers to these questions help us identify the best mix of media channels to move the needle.

Historical data.

We look at past and existing campaigns to evaluate performance by channel and audience. This shows us where we can make an immediate impact on your media programming while aligning channel use with your marketing and business goals.

Market and industry trend evaluation.

What innovative technology, media or channel can we test and leverage to be the first to market, corner the space, capture more attention and help you stand out from the crowd? We peek around the corner to keep you ahead of the curve.

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Decoding the media matrix to improve your bottom line

Elevation Marketing’s B2B media research capabilities bring clarity to your promotional vision, delivering measurable performance through insights based on real-world data. Your team benefits through reduced waste in your advertising spend and a maxed-out ROI.

Put another way, investing a little more time and effort into B2B media research today can pay big dividends for your firm tomorrow. We can connect you to your audience through a broad range of B2B media marketing research services and lower your overall cost of marketing while delivering predictable outcomes.

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