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Market dynamics are constantly changing. So are your buyers.

Navigating the evolving concerns of B2B buyers means ensuring that your brand is built on insightful and targeted market research. This often requires that your firm partner with a B2B brand research agency like Elevation Marketing.

As one of the premiere brand research firms, Elevation sets itself apart from other marketing agencies. We’re not just your service provider. We’re your trusted expert, providing the guidance your company needs to gain a deep understanding of your audience. Our unique, data-driven approach to market and branding research combines the strengths of our people with leading technologies to translate data into actionable insights and business benefits.

We leverage our proficiency in branding research and market research to unravel key messaging that resonates with your audience and facilitates gauging buyer sentiment effectively. From comprehensive website audits to in-depth brand equity research, our teams are dedicated to uncovering the behavioral trends that impact decision-making and crafting a brand position that speaks directly to your target audience.

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We’re not your typical brand research agency.

Unlike other agencies, at Elevation we go beyond traditional brand research by considering perspectives from both inside and outside your organization. We believe that a successful brand resonates not only with your customers, but also with your team. To champion your brand externally, you must first inspire dedication internally.

We’ve developed a comprehensive suite of tools, methodologies and processes to gauge the influence of B2B brands in the marketplace. This refined approach to brand evaluation provides actionable insights that can inform strategic shifts, aiding your venture in gaining market share and staying ahead of the competition.

What truly sets Elevation apart is our capability to transform research into results. We are an agency, not a consultancy. This means we don’t just deliver insights—we leverage the full capabilities of an integrated agency to transform those insights into compelling narratives, engaging design and powerful activations, breathing life into your brand.

Our brand research services

Our world-class brand research services include:

Our approach to brand research

Elevation Marketing prides itself on a data-centric and integrated approach to B2B branding. When you make Elevation your trusted B2B brand research agency, we delve into the DNA of your business, its needs and aspirations, and contrast them with the realities of your market landscape. Our research into your brand’s potential transcends the surface, reaching into the core to draw a comprehensive portrait of your audience’s perceptions, motivations, and behaviors. It’s an intricate process, yet one that results in a singular, holistic view of your brand’s position in the industry.

This clear, data-driven picture forms the foundation of our integrated marketing strategies, tying together messaging, design and execution across various channels into a cohesive brand narrative. Beyond the gathering and interpretation of data, our commitment to continuous analysis and optimization ensures that your brand stays ahead of the curve, adapts to changes and continues to resonate with your audience in an evolving marketplace. Our brand research is not just a step in the process, but a continuous loop of insights and adjustments that propel your brand forward.

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