Revolutionizing B2B Brand Activation:
Where Data Science Meets Branding Brilliance

On the surface, it looks easy.

Brands we love tell their story, and we’re happy to listen. We find meaning in who they are and what they do. We’re engaged with them. We trust them and can’t wait to read their next chapter. This is brand activation at its best. Exceptional branding engages conversations, compels an eager audience to continue them, drives a narrative that speaks to a buyer’s changing needs and so much more.

However, B2B brand activations often struggle to align with marketing strategies and overall business goals. What is my brand’s impact on lead generation and revenues? How do I measure its contributions? These are common questions decision-makers face. They’re difficult to answer thanks to long B2B sales cycles that demand comprehensive marketing strategies with many tactical layers. Pinning a value on brand activation alone can feel overwhelming and time-consuming with few true measurable results to be found.

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To ensure you stand out, partner with a B2B brand activation agency with more than two decades of B2B branding experience. We’ve produced results for a wide range of B2B industries, each with its own unique sales and marketing complexity to navigate. We know why impactful brand activation is critical to your success. That’s why we do it differently, going far beyond the initial lift to leverage your brand for relationship success and long-term business growth.

Link your brand to your buyers

B2B brand loyalty is the lifeblood of finding high-stakes B2B leads and nurturing long-term buyer relationships. Your brand links your unique value proposition to the pain points your customers face, building a legacy around your consistent ability to deliver solutions and solve critical problems for them.

For that image to emerge, you need to work with a brand activation company that prioritizes novel insights derived from data. We find, analyze and leverage rich data in our strategic planning to drive transformative B2B brand activation results. Data fuels our ability to develop highly targeted, personalized brand activations that emotionally connect buyers to your value proposition with the right tone and message at critical touchpoints in the buyer journey.

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How data powers your B2B brand

Our data-gathering process starts with a high-level research plunge into your company. We engage quantitative and qualitative strategies, tap key stakeholders inside and outside the business, investigate current and prospective buyers, and examine past and current perceptions about your brand. We ask hard questions to uncover your brand’s current truth and future potential. This work is the foundation for your brand activation success story and is not done for the sole purpose of building an image. It’s done with future B2B marketing activations in mind.

We then engage our world-class creative team. Informed by our data and discovery process, they begin to shape your B2B brand’s visual and narrative style, a voice and tone that resonates with your unique audience. Laying a foundation for new B2B marketing strategies and sales enablement tactics, we develop your forward-thinking and trustworthy image in ways that allow it to live seamlessly in a variety of tactical environments – B2B events, activation emails, social media campaigns and more. With the help of data and research, we create and share a brand story that feeds your ability to cultivate new leads, nurture existing ones and expand into fresh new B2B buyer clouds.

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Our brand activation services.

  • Brand research, strategy and refresh
  • Event activations
  • Webinars and virtual events
  • Experiential marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • PR/media outreach
  • Influencer marketing
  • Customer advocacy programs
  • Employee activation
  • Digital activation campaigns
  • Product launches and demonstrations
  • Brand launch campaigns
  • Brand activation analytics

Measure and optimize

Now, let’s get back to that challenge of aligning your B2B brand activation with marketing strategies and sales. We have you covered there, too. Our data-driven insights activate your brand, but our continued commitment to data-gathering and analysis will keep your brand top of mind.

Our experienced team has the capabilities to develop and implement powerful data-capture and analysis resources to measure behaviors, activity and current performance to predict and optimize future outcomes. These measurement tools empower us to understand current brand reach and inform future efforts to optimize marketing, sales and revenue growth.

Why choose Elevation Marketing for brand activation?

  • Expertise: Skill and experience with overcoming modern B2B market challenges
  • Customized approach: Informed insights that tailor strategies to our client’s specific needs and market conditions
  • Results-Driven: Track record of delivering results in complex B2B marketing and sales environments

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