Crafting Tailored Experiences for the Buyer’s Journey with ABX

In today’s data-driven landscape, ABX (Account-Based Experience) is like the Swiss Army knife of B2B marketing, eclipsing the more traditional ABM (Account-Based Marketing) in versatility and efficiency. While ABM prioritizes accounts over individual interactions, ABX takes a more holistic approach, focusing on personalized experiences at every touchpoint. It’s an agile strategy that not only incorporates sales and marketing but also weaves in customer service and product development. The result? A seamless, end-to-end experience that fosters stronger relationships, quicker conversions, and, ultimately, a more robust bottom line.

Fulfilling the demand for personalized, seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints presents a challenge for any B2B company. Timing is crucial – an early approach might not resonate if the account isn’t actively seeking solutions, while a late entry risks missed opportunities. Moreover, coordinating sales, marketing and customer success efforts often proves challenging, with misalignment undermining potential outcomes.

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The advantages of ABX vs. OBM & RBM.

In the digital age, the B2B marketing landscape isn’t just evolving. It’s undergoing a full-scale transformation. Enter Account-Based Experience, a strategy that supersedes the limitations of Opportunity-Based Marketing (OBM) and Role-Based Marketing (RBM). While OBM is often trapped in the narrow view of transactional gains, and RBM becomes tangled in the complexities of internal roles, ABX cuts through the noise. It centralizes the focus on the entire customer experience, targeting individual needs across all roles within an account and ensuring a tailored approach from initial contact to final sale.

ABX is about more than using different semantics or repackaging old ideas. It’s about efficacy and efficiency. OBM’s single-minded focus on sales-ready opportunities can overlook long-term relationships, while RBM’s role-centric view can miss the forest for the trees. ABX synthesizes data and human insight to create a panoramic view of the customer. It integrates sales, marketing, and customer service, bridging departmental silos and aligning collective goals. The payoff is compelling: improved interdepartmental coordination, a more personalized customer journey, and a strategy nimble enough to adapt to real-world complexities.

The significance of ABX in ABM

Precision timing is equally vital as precision in targeting

Account-based experience refines the nuances of account-based marketing (ABM). While ABM identifies crucial accounts to target, ABX sharpens the focus on timing – avoiding outreach when the prospect lacks interest or need. With ABX, customer needs take center stage. By dissecting data on customer behavior and preferences, we curate personalized experiences, delivering content that aligns with specific needs and objectives, content that’s authoritative, valuable, and tailored to their business.

Account-based experiences strengthen customer relationships by prioritizing information and solutions over direct selling. This approach enhances customer satisfaction, fostering increased revenue and long-term partnerships.

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Our ABX services within ABM

  • Account insights and profiling: Our ABX agency can identify the accounts most likely to buy your B2B product or service and which most closely fit the profile of your ideal customer. Profiling facilitates custom experience creation.
  • Buyer journey mapping: We catalog the interactions buyers have with your company to learn what they need at each stage and develop experiential touchpoints.
  • Omnichannel experience strategy: Our integrated marketing solutions reach key decision-makers on their preferred channels and provide compelling narratives to engage prospects and move them toward the decision to buy.
  • Experiential content personalization. Our account-based experience agency uses data about individual buyers to create experiential content tailored specifically to their priorities. Since large buying decisions are usually made by a group, content experiences can reflect differing concerns and personas.
  • Campaign execution. We have expertise in managing all phases of account-based experience programs, from taking a deep dive into data for initial market and competitor research through content creation and strategic deployment.
  • Alignment of sales and marketing. We assist teams by continually analyzing data and sharing insights with cross-functional teams.
  • Account engagement analytics. We monitor content performance, so you know what resonates with buyers. The data guides us in decisions, including improvements to campaign experiences.
  • Predictive analytics. Our agency sets the standard for using data analytics and strategic planning to achieve your campaign’s desired outcome.
  • Behavioral tracking and intent data analysis. We analyze data from your owned media and third parties for signals that a prospect is moving forward on the buyer journey or showing they’re ready to purchase, empowering you to seize opportunities as they arise.
  • Technology alignment and automation. With the right technology and processes, your sales and marketing activities can reach their full potential and maximize ROI demonstrably.
  • Programmatic ad targeting. Our metrics indicate optimal placement of digital ads, leading to a better return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Real-time personalization. Your target customers get the personalized content they want when it’s most relevant, from curated brand-building and thought leadership to blogs and case studies on the topics that are most relevant to your audience.
  • ABX reporting, optimization and ROI measurement. Our ABX performance metrics show how the campaign is working, allowing you to make strategic improvements in real time while guiding future campaign design. Custom dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) allow you to see the big picture in a snapshot or take a deep dive into any specific area.

Tailoring the future of B2B: Where ABX and AI converge for marketing mastery.

In an industry saturated with buzzwords and fleeting trends, one B2B marketing agency is rewriting the rules with its take on ABX. Forget the old playbook of simply identifying high-value accounts and bombarding them with generalized messages. Our ABX firm employs a cocktail of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and human expertise to curate hyper-personalized experiences for each decision-maker within a target account. It’s like having a private chef who knows whether the CFO is allergic to shellfish or the CMO has a penchant for spicy food. The result is a tailored feast that leaves everyone at the table satisfied.

This ABX agency doesn’t stop at just crafting personalized experiences. We’re in it for the long haul. Utilizing real-time analytics, we continually refine and adapt ABX strategies to suit the evolving needs and behaviors of your target accounts. This iterative approach ensures that no opportunity for engagement is missed and that each interaction adds value to the customer relationship. In a world where attention is the new currency, our agency’s ABX model isn’t just window dressing—it’s a strategic advantage that drives measurable results.

Why choose Elevation as your ABX marketing agency?

Expertise: ABX is a team endeavor, and we have highly skilled team members in every aspect of support needed for a successful ABX program, including research, technology, data analysis and management, creative, and omnichannel marketing. With over two decades of experience, we know the challenges the market poses and, more importantly, how to overcome them.


ABX is a team endeavor, and we have highly skilled team members in every aspect of support needed for a successful ABX program, including research, technology, data analysis and management, creative, and omnichannel marketing. With over two decades of experience, we know the challenges the market poses and, more importantly, how to overcome them.

Customized approach:

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Our ABX agency will get to know your company, customers, market and competitors, then devise a strategy matching your unique needs.

Results driven:

With our data-centric approach and continual monitoring of metrics, we’re highly attuned to how the strategy is performing and ready to tweak and adjust to provide the results you want.

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