Rebranding & Realignment

The Challenge

Within a six-month window, the Amazon team and its partners needed to create a more sophisticated B2B strategy and brand informed by global research, including the look, feel, tone and approach.

Amazon Incentives also needed to better align its sales and marketing efforts, creating new global marketing materials and sales training to help the sales team better engage with its target audiences. The goal was to accelerate double-digit growth of a product offering that includes gift cards, Amazon Prime membership and Audible access all under a new brand offering called Amazon Incentives.

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Our Approach

Amazon needed to engage in a process that involved realigning the sales and marketing process around a better defined digital buyer’s journey. The marketing content needed to drive top of funnel activity and eventually execute a final sale. The group engaged in a global research project, executing hundreds of global quantitative and qualitative strategic surveys to better understand buyers, their needs and their understanding of the Amazon brand.

The Results

As a result, a new sales and marketing strategy was born, bolstered by a strong content strategy to drive prospects through the sales and marketing funnel.