Our Process

The Purpose of Process

Rapidly changing customer ecosystems have put immense pressure on your company’s ability to compete. These forces have placed a wedge between your marketing and sales teams and as a result, you’re less effective and efficient in your ability to respond.

Elevation Marketing has developed a propriety process that uncovers the source of this disconnect to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.


When it comes to your brand, we’re all ears. We want to dive in and learn as much about your business as humanly possible to provide us with a complete picture of your brandscape. Along the way, you may even learn a new thing or two about what makes your brand tick.


We love good data because it goes beyond the working surface to see the parts of our brand that aren’t necessarily visible to the naked eye. Gathering and analyzing this information is critical to your sales and marketing efforts because it is tangible proof that goes beyond personal experience and subjective opinions.


You’ll never know how far you’ve come unless you mark your starting point. In this phase we’ll establish the reality of what your brand is now and chart a course for where you want it to be. Armed with those plans, we’ll get everyone moving in the same direction toward your common goals.


Your brand has issues. Every single one does. Together, we’ll discover what they are and we’ll work on realistic ways to solve them through a planned approach that’s based in proven methodologies with minimized risks.


To realize a great strategy, you’ll need your audience to take notice. In this phase, our creative team works to bring your strategy to life in a way that is unique to the visuals and voice of your brand.


When you’re trying to hit any target, you aim, shoot and adjust. Your brand goals are no different. That’s why we’ll monitor the progress of every strategy, evaluate the data and fine-tune the results. You’ll know how well every program is going and when we hit the bull’s eye, you’ll know it immediately.