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Employee Spotlight Series – Meet Our Public Relations Manager, Bianca Repasi!

For the month of October, we are celebrating our incredible Public Relations Manager, Bianca Repasi! Keep reading to learn more about Bianca and her role at …

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Advantages of Using Influencer Marketing in the B2B Healthcare Industry

B2B healthcare brands see real results when they use the voices of respected experts and brand advocates to speak to their target audiences.   This new …

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What is a B2B Messaging Matrix? [and How to Use One]

Managing your brand’s messaging is a crucial aspect of your business’s marketing efforts. A messaging matrix provides your company with a solid foundation for building …

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Drive Your Marketing Decisions with A/B Testing

A/B testing is a scientific method of comparing the performance of two different versions of a marketing campaign and using the results to improve your …

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Data Quality Can Make or Break Your B2B eCommerce Business

Data is key to B2B businesses. It drives all business operations. And if you’re selling online, data quality is critical to your eCommerce success. It …

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Nine Steps to Create a Well-Defined B2B Buyer Persona

What is a B2B buyer persona? There are many terms for buyer persona, including customer or audience persona or avatar. Regardless of what you call …

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Innovative Ways B2B Brands Can Use Video to Shorten the Sales Cycle

With high-dollar investments on the line and lots of decision-makers in the mix, the B2B sales cycle can be long and quite complex. Marketers need …

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The Importance Empathy Plays in Your B2B Customers’ Emotional Journey

The concept of using empathy to nurture the customer’s emotional journey was introduced in 1994 by Lou Carbone who wrote, “Engineering Customer Experience.” Then in …

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