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The Best Marketing Metrics to Track ROI for Tech Companies

Updated: December 12, 2022 When a B2C company wants to track a metric, they look to the basics: customer acquisition cost, sales conversion rates, average …

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3 Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Video Marketing Strategy

Updated: March 28, 2023 In the digitally transformed world we live in; healthcare video marketing is a must-have content marketing tactic for any company targeting …

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3 Things Manufacturers Can Learn from B2C Marketers

B2B manufacturers are a diverse group. These companies exist throughout the world, producing goods for local markets like automotive parts, pharmaceuticals, and appliances. Then there …

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How B2B Companies Can Boost Their SEO

Along with social media and content, SEO is one of the three pillars of digital marketing. This has been the case for well over a …

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Manufacturing Marketing Best Practices for 2019

One of the principal ways in which the manufacturing industry differs from your typical consumer-facing business is in customer acquisition. B2C industries typically implement diverse …

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Everything Marketers Need to Know About Industry 4.0

One of the most reliable things about the marketing industry is the new and catchy buzz terms that appear with the roll-out of each year’s …

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Digital Marketing Trends for the Modern Tech Company

Where it concerns technology and marketing, the cycle feeds itself. Every new advance in tech or cutting-edge trend redefines the expectations of buyers. Thus marketers …

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The Tech Marketers Guide to Inbound Marketing

The landscape of B2B marketing has fundamentally changed with the advent of digital. The old buying process used to be that potential clients would create …

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The Science Behind Nurturing Leads on Social Media for the Tech Marketer

As technology advances at lightning-fast speeds, it can be difficult to set yourself apart and capture the attention of your most desirable leads. After all, …

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